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Fan Accessories     FG121

■ Displays any color by use of a RGB LED control box or capable motherboard

■ Integrated 24 pcs RGB LED Strip for brilliant light effects

■ Highly flexible and compatible with all 120mm fans

          To meet the rising demand from enthusiasts with keen sense of style and expressive personality, SilverStone created the FG121, a 120mm fan grille with 24 integrated RGB LEDs. This brilliant kit can be controlled by hardware or software that can manipulate +12V, G, R, B, signals such as RGB LED control box or motherboard. With the FG121, any 120mm fan or fan mount can be turned into an RGB display source so users can freely choose the exact fan they want to use without being constrained by the limited number of RGB fan models.

Model No. SST-FG121
Material Plastic fan grille and 24 pcs RGB LED Strip
Pin definition +12V, G, R, B*
Application 120mm fan grille, LED kit
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Rated Current 0.48 A
Net weight 42g
Dimension 120mm (W) x 120mm (H) x 6mm (D)
4.72" (W) x 4.72" (H) x 0.24" (D)
* Please check the control box and motherboard pin header that you want to connect to have the same pin definition as FG121.

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